Got a Great Lawyer Story? Share it!

Lawyers don’t get a lot of positive press these days…or any days, for that matter.

Reporters aren’t really looking for that warm and fuzzy human interest piece unless it’s the holidays or unless it’s an extraordinary story. And they certainly do not immediately look to attorneys for such pieces regardless, so hearing about “the good ones” is a rare occurrence.

Here at Generation Generosity, we know that although we rarely hear about these acts of excellent lawyering, they exist – and they are far from rare. Take the DLA Piper/Krantz Fellowship Program for instance. Starting in 2012, the firm will pay two incoming associates their full salaries to focus exclusively on pro bono work for an entire year. That’s amazing. And it only scratches the surface when it comes to other great works that are happening out there in the legal community every day.

We know that attorneys regularly perform remarkable, noble acts of intellectual heroics in an attempt to help the small business owner hang on for another year, defend the up and coming entrepreneur’s intellectual property from infringement or work with various organizations to challenge harmful legislation. We also know about the many, many hours devoted to pro bono clients and the heartwarming (and oftentimes, heartbreaking) stories that accompany each effort. We know. And now we want the world to know.

Share your stories here. You can do so anonymously if you like – or you can click here to email us at and we’ll create a blog post about it right here in the coming weeks. Let’s change attorney perception one great story at a time!