How Dialogue Can Translate to Dollars

The second pillar of the Triple Bottom Line for law firms centers around making law firms a place where talented employees want to build a career, so we were thrilled when we found a three-part series on Janet Ellen Raasch’s blog Constant Content about:

1. the difference between the contributions made by engaged employees and unengaged employees;

2. the value employee engagement creates in organizations; and

3. how law firms can use good internal communication practices to create employee engagement.

We were particularly wowed by a Hay Group study Janet cited that found that the five most-engaged regional offices of a large professional services firm generated 43 percent more revenue per consultant than the firm’s five least-engaged offices. That 43 percent is especially powerful when paired with a Gallup study that found that:

1. 16 percent of employees at any business are actively disengaged;

2. 29 percent are actively engaged; and

3. the remaining 55 percent are neither disengaged nor engaged.

Imagine the value a law firm could create by actively pursuing positive engagement by the 55 percent of its employees that are on the fence. Janet has some valuable suggestions about how shifting from traditional top-down models of communication to more collaborative models of dialogue can promote employee engagement in law firms and ultimately create greater bottom line results.

At Generation Generosity, we see the value in creating positive employee engagement in law firms, and we think it’s possible. Do you?