Showing Up

Seth Godin’s blog recently featured a short and sweet post about showing up. Its conciseness and simplicity get the message across incredibly effectively. He said:

“Showing up matters more than ever, particularly if you promised you would. / Not just showing up in person, but showing up emotionally, or with support, or with a resource that was inconvenient for you to produce. / We’re no longer judging you by what sort of widgets your factory makes. We’re judging you by what we can expect from you in the future.”

Whether you’re a factory that makes widgets or a lawyer offering legal services, Seth’s advice gets to the heart of driving client loyalty, showing up in ways that indicate the value you will bring in the future. In a world where high-quality legal counsel constitutes table stakes, it’s really showing up that will differentiate lawyers from a sea of competent competitors. So how will you show up?