Caught in the Act of Doing Good

They say good news travels fast, but somehow it always feels like bad news travels much faster and farther. When law firms make mistakes or do something wrong, the public often appears to take perverse pleasure in hearing about the consequences, as if they are thrilled to think of “evil” lawyers “getting theirs.” It sometimes seems there is no end to the bad press the legal industry generates, so when we hear about a law firm caught in the act of doing something right, we want to shout it from the rooftops.

The New York Law Journal recently reported the amazing results of a charity initiative by the New York office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges. The firm raised almost $175,000 spread across 26 fundraising teams managed by firm attorneys and staff. What began as a “pay it forward” initiative meant to fund 10 proposals, quickly snowballed as the firm’s partners and associates sifted through the numerous proposals submitted, and the spirit of generosity and a passion to do good moved them to not limit the number of proposals they would consider. With the firm’s partners in an advisory role, attorneys, staff and even summer associates joined in and raised funds through various means, each team growing exponentially the $1,000 of seed money provided by the firm. When the initiative ended, 30 charities, both locally and abroad, benefitted from the firm’s efforts, and the sense of pride and purpose was evident in all who had participated.

It’s always great to work for a firm that does well, in terms of being successful. What’s even better is when you can work for a firm that also does good.

This blog was created to shine a light on such acts of pure generosity harnessed to alter the world for the better. We applaud Weil, Gotshal & Manges for setting such a stellar example. These stories don’t get told enough – but they happen, and when they do they deserve to be shared.

So give us something to shout about, and tell us below what good deeds your firm is doing, and how they’re impacting your firm’s success.