The final focus in our three-part series on the triple bottom line concept centers around resources. Thus far we’ve learned that revenue follows in the wake of authentic client relationships, and that fulfilled employees are able to build and maintain authentic client relationships when they are an extension of firm culture. Beyond that, attorneys want their working lives to be meaningful, and lending their talents through a spirit of stewardship, impacting resources, is a way that they can be – while also helping to define their firm’s brand.

Dedicated leaders want to serve a greater purpose in their communities and families, impacting social and environmental resources that make a better planet. So how can your firm do this?

Identify causes that align with your brand and have personal meaning to key stakeholders both within and outside of your firm. Utilize partnerships with clients and other alliance partners to expand the impact of your good works. Create and maintain a system to measure success and keep momentum moving forward. You don’t simply want to aspire to help, you want results. Create a culture of benevolence, with expectations well defined, and promote all aspects of giving: through time, talent and treasure.

In this climate of technology, social media and branding, it’s not enough to have a good reputation in the courtroom or the boardroom – how you serve your community and your planet is just as critical to your success as a firm. Impacting resources produces the triple whammy of motivating and fulfilling your employees while also engendering loyalty from your clients and creating a greater good for the world at large. It’s a win-win-win.

Have you been using the best practices outlined in the triple bottom line principles? Let us know below how they have changed your firm for the better.