Walking Their Talk

A month ago we sang the praises of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, who have adopted the spirit of the Generation Generosity movement and set out to “reset the conversation about lawyers through encouraging simple acts of philanthropy and generosity.” Since the beginning of 2012 their one-day’s-work or one-day’s-pay initiative has brought together nearly 100 volunteers over two separate service events – helping to set a volunteer record for one organization – with two more scheduled for the end of March. With service events benefitting a mobile soup kitchen, veterans returning to the US, and housing initiatives including Habitat for Humanity, the DAYL has caught the attention of the Dallas Bar Foundation, who awarded them a grant, which will provide much needed resources for them to do even more good.

The energy of the lawyers comprising the DAYL is infectious, and we hope it spawns an epidemic. While their efforts may seem small, it’s always worth celebrating when goals become achievements through action. The DAYL has created a movement surrounding generosity. They are building momentum, and we have no doubt that they are going to change how people in the community of Dallas view lawyers. But this isn’t just about cheering for the DAYL (though we love doing that). The real message here is how doable it is. Generosity isn’t just a lofty concept we yammer on about here week after week, wondering how great the profession would be if, if, if. Generosity is achievable. Concrete, specific, small steps can at once change lives for the better, and actually make a difference in the way lawyers are perceived – by themselves and by others. So if you have an idea about how to incorporate generosity into your practice, why stop at the mere thought? Do something to make it happen and give us something to cheer about.

Are you feeling inspired by the actions of the DAYL? What is your firm going to do to bring the generosity movement to your city?