Acting on Your Feelings

Client service guru Patrick Lamb’s latest blog post contains a study in contrasts between two landscapers, his current and his former. It also contains excellent advice on how to serve if you want to be the kind of firm that keeps your clientele coming back.

What it boils down to is pretty simple: you’ve got to demonstrate that you care. We’ve covered this topic before, but it’s great to have such a clear example of how the act of caring can affect the choices a client (in this case, Lamb) makes. Perhaps Lamb’s current landscaper cares a lot. Perhaps your firm cares a lot. But if the emotion isn’t supported by actions that your clients can measure, it doesn’t matter. It isn’t enough to simply care – you have to follow through and show it.

As Lamb illustrates, communication is one simple way to elevate your service and demonstrate that sense of caring. How often do you touch base with your clients? Only when they initiate contact with a question or concern? Only when it’s time to submit an invoice? By extending past the necessary and obvious, you have the opportunity to really wow clients with the quality of service you offer. Little things like responding to an email quickly can make a huge difference in how a client perceives your level of commitment to their cause. And if you want to keep your clients coming back instead of seeking another firm, then those little things are critical.

As one commenter put it, “Hardly anyone goes ‘above and beyond’ anymore.” But going above and beyond is precisely what makes the difference when the competition is fierce. Your clients expect that you know the law, that you can help them out of a sticky situation or protect their interests. Any lawyer they work with will be able to do that much. So if you want to stand apart, then be the lawyer or firm who works from a place of generosity and humanity first, who offers the little things automatically, and who is so good that even if you’re more expensive than the other guy, they’ll want you.

How does your firm show clients it cares? Sound off below.