Creating a Culture of Service

One of our favorite things is catching lawyers doing the right thing, and this week we’re singing the praises of Clark Hill PLC, whose Clark Hill Cares initiative is exactly the kind of thing we at Generation Generosity get excited about.

While the firm has a long history of serving the community in a variety of ways, things really took off in 2009 when they organized their efforts under the umbrella of Clark Hill Cares. Since then the firm has taken time throughout each year to organize fundraising events and sponsorships, as well as orchestrate an official service day for all firm employees and their families to take part in.

What’s really remarkable about Clark Hill Cares is just how deeply embedded into the firm’s culture this effort has become. It’s not just about a few lawyers offering to do a bit of pro bono work (though that’s certainly nice). This is a meaningful part of the firm’s identity, a firm-wide mission that they have implemented, given a name to, and chosen to cultivate as a team. We think that’s worth applauding.

Does your firm have generosity built into its culture? What are you doing that we can cheer about? Let us know below.