Competing for Charity – Everyone Wins

How do you raise almost a million dollars for the hungry? With lots of help. This week we’re tipping our hats to Food From the Bar, and the numerous firms across California who have come together annually to donate money, food and time to the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Feeding America San Diego, to name a few. En masse, the efforts of the legal community in California provided meals for over one million families in 2012 – that’s amazing!

One of the things that makes Food From the Bar such a stellar cause is the fact that multiple organizations within the legal community are brought together for the annual drive. It is the collective effort of lawyers and staff from hundreds of firms that produce these overwhelming results. Making it even more fun, Food From the Bar is a contest, with prizes awarded to the firms that raise the most money, collect the most food and contribute the most volunteer hours, among other things.

The cost of organizing and distributing all of the food received from local retailers and wholesalers would be astronomical without the help of willing bodies to do the work, which is why a group mobilizing like this is such a boon for the food banks. According to this video, by participating firm Allen Matkins, Food From the Bar is “by far the largest organized program by a profession to help food banks.” Not a bad feather in the cap of the legal profession. And just another reminder that the cooperation of many can achieve astounding results.

Is there a Food From the Bar food drive in your area? If not, why not start one? Be sure to tell us when you do!