Giving through Empathy

At Generation Generosity, we believe that generosity is essential to building authentic relationships with clients, colleagues and communities and that loyalty is one of the hallmarks of an authentic relationship. During our interview with loyalty expert James Kane earlier this year, we asked whether he agreed or disagreed and received a surprising answer.

For Kane, generosity is a critical component of empathy, which he sees as a cornerstone for relationship building. As he told us, “The greatest thing you can ever do for any relationship in your life is to try and see things from their point of view.” According to Kane, being empathetic and trying to understand someone else’s point of view are acts of generosity. And we agree. Operating with empathy may be the most basic act of generosity there is, particularly when you are in the process of building a relationship. And like most of the best gifts we can offer, it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s wonderful to be financially generous, or generous with your time, of course. But how simple is it to be generous of spirit? Imagine how just this shift in your approach could transform your professional relationships and, by extension, your practice. Taking the time to understand your clients’ challenges, to view life through their lens instead of your own, “allows you to become their partner and their support. Someone they can rely on and always want around,” says Kane. Isn’t that the entire point?

What do you think? Are you willing to embrace Kane’s viewpoint and take it out for a spin? Let us know how it enhances your practice!