Connecting Generously

‘Tis the season for giving, and also for gathering, and lawyers are not immune to the numerous holiday events that crop up this time of year. And while it might seem that schmoozing at various work-related holiday parties is one thing, and being generous and giving are quite another (and ne’er the twain shall meet), according to Jodi Glickman, speaker and founder of communication training firm Great on the Job, networking with a spirit of generosity is not only possible, but encouraged. And not just this time of year, but year-round.

It’s probably fair to say that most people view networking as a business requirement with an emphasis on “What’s in it for me? Who can I meet and what can they do to help me get ahead?” In a recent Harvard Business Review piece, Glickman speaks of a networking event she was dreading. On the verge of leaving, she decided to take the focus off of herself, and make her networking about everyone else she came in contact with. She introduced herself to various people, she listened to their stories with genuine interest, and she thought about the people she knew, and how she could help forge connections for the people with whom she was interacting. What she discovered was that the event was a lot more fun and fulfilling that way. As she puts it, “The laws of Karma are no less relevant in the world of networking than anywhere else. At some point down the road, chances are you’ll meet someone at the bar or over canapés who knows the perfect person to introduce you to, or has just the lead you’ve been looking for. Or someone will go out of his or her way to repay your favor or random act of kindness. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that life is a virtuous cycle — when you keep on giving, eventually you get.”

We couldn’t have said it better. Will you adopt Glickman’s approach as you network throughout the coming year? Be sure to share your results with us!

We’ll be taking a break for the next two weeks to enjoy the holidays, but we’ll be back shining the spotlight on generosity in 2013. Happy Holidays to all our readers, and thanks for being part of Generation Generosity!