A Day of Yes

Last week we shared with you the origins of the upcoming Generosity Day, celebrated on the same auspicious day as that holiday known for cupids and chocolates. As February 14 looms, we wanted to share with you some ideas for spreading generosity tomorrow, and helping to grow awareness of this young holiday. It doesn’t matter what you do, or for whom you do it, necessarily. For G-Day founder Sasha Dichter, the idea was to say yes to everything for the entire day. But you can start smaller if you like. Consider the impact of handing your cab driver a $50 bill affixed with a Post-it note reading, “Today is Generosity Day. Pay it forward!” as you make your exit. Random acts of generosity don’t have to be anonymous, but sometimes that’s more fun. The idea is to do something significant enough to change that person’s life – even if just for a few moments – and leave them inspired to do the same for someone else.

Here are a few ideas we had, for generous acts both large and small:

  • Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line at your favorite coffee shop
  • Tip your restaurant server 100% or more of your bill
  • Leave a thank-you gift for the security guard at your office building
  • Buy lunch for your staff or co-workers
  • Say yes to the person who asks you for money on the street
  • Pick one client you know is struggling and tell them their bill has been taken care of
  • Pick a charity and give them an unsolicited donation
  • Offer a day of service to a local nonprofit or your alma mater
  • Start your own generosity experiment and say yes to everything for one month

Whatever you do to mark the occasion, take note of how the act of giving and helping others makes you feel. Share that with your clients, your colleagues, and with us. Happy Generosity Day!