The Discipline of Relationship Building

When it comes to excelling in the practice of law – or any business for that matter – the importance of building and maintaining solid relationships cannot be overemphasized. That’s why this week we’re sharing some tips on relationship building from leadership authority John C. Maxwell.

According to Maxwell, creating a discipline around how you approach relationships is the key to their success. He breaks his discipline strategy down into five parts:

  • Put Others First – In his words, “I give more than I expect to receive.”
  • Don’t Carry Emotional Baggage – If an issue needs addressing, address it; otherwise let things go and move on.
  • Give Time to Your Most Valuable Relationships – Hint: family first.
  • Serve Others Gladly – This unteachable trait is priceless.
  • Express Love and Appreciation Often – Recognize and encourage the good you see in others; remember that caring is an act of generosity.

None of these strategies is difficult to implement, and they’ll serve you well as you work the tenets of the triple bottom line. Remember, it’s relationships that are the glue holding revenue and resources together. Whether with clients, your employees, or the world around you, relationships are what underpin your ability to add value to your work and life. So as in all things, exercising a little discipline is healthy and helpful.

What do you think of Maxwell’s list? Have any tips you would add? Share them below!