A Belief in the Nobility of the Practice of Law

Lawyers are a great blessing to the world. We mean it. Consider the most important ideas, movements or events that figured in to our nation’s history – The Gettysburg Address, The Bill of Rights, Brown v. Board of Education, all possible because of lawyers. The role of a lawyer is to solve specific, individualized problems and to advance the interests of others. At its core the legal profession is other centric. So why then, when attorneys do so much good for others, do they continue to get such a bad name?

It’s time for lawyers themselves, along with society, believe in the nobility of the practice of law. From this belief, rose our desire to determine and create Great Law. We believe in order to create Great Law, one must:

  • Know your values – reflect them in your daily operation and future planning and walk the walk daily.
  • Lead by serving others.
  • Honor others by preparing, planning to maximize opportunity and practice.
  • Listen more than you speak, seek truth and understanding and be brutally honest about the reality of your landscape.
  • Continually grow and evolve without losing your core values.

Building Great Law is not easy and it’s not for everyone. It requires a conscious choice to know your core values and the discipline to live them out in action daily. It asks you to be the one Seth Godin is looking for, “Who is obsessed with creating delight, with building in remarkability, with pushing the envelope (every envelope–money, tech, policy) to get to the point where you’ve created something that people will be proud of, that will change things for the better, that will make a dent in the universe”.

The profession of law is evolving; time will tell what the next generation looks like. We hope that you will join us in creating law firms where the best employees want to work, profitable clients want to buy, and inspired leaders want to serve a bigger purpose in their communities.