Creating a Culture That Demonstrates a Client Centric Focus

In the pursuit of creating Great Law, capturing a firm’s core is painstaking work. Knowing who you are and aligning the roles of your people takes humility, strength and vision beyond yourself.

However, once the core is captured, the real work begins. Figuring out how to translate those values into daily life rather than just a statement on paper is where many firms fall short.

Levenfeld Pearlstein (LP) is a firm born from the desire to create a different type of firm – one in which doing great, error free legal work is the prerequisite and having the client at the center of every single decision is their differentiator. LP’s challenge is to ensure that LP clients experience the firm as a valuable strategic partner every step of the way.

How can a firm with so many subjective moving parts consistently provide a client experience that demonstrates a client centric focus and routinely exceeds expectations?

LP has found success where others have floundered because they knew from their inception that their core values couldn’t simply be an ideology. Instead, they built many of their systems, rewards and processes to reinforce a client’s experience; they consider it the “special sauce” and call it the LP Way.

The LP Way is a formal five-step process that has the ultimate client experience as the goal. The process involves

  1. Attracting Talented People
  2. Model the LP Way
  3. Provide Effective Practice Groups
  4. Provide Strong Support Systems
  5. Ask for Feedback

While this process looks noble on paper, what makes LP so special is that they live it out, daily, through their processes and resources. As an example, below are a few of the support systems (Step 4 above) LP has implemented:

1. Attract talented people:

  • LP strives to build an environment that employees want to work at, as LP realizes the best employees have a choice as to where they will build a career.
  • Lateral career portal – they have created a portal which allows potential laterals a glimpse into all aspects of the firm to ensure it’s a good fit.
  • Video insights from all attorneys and management provide direct insight to personalities of individuals at the firm to better understand what life will be like at LP.

2. Model the LP Way:

  • Everyone agrees to the LP Promise: know your client, no surprises, move with speed & quality and establish expectations, then beat them.
  • Compensation is transparent at the partner level.
  • They have built strong training, mentoring and coaching programs.

3. Provide effective practice groups:

  • LP requires shared resources such as contacts and form documents.
  • They focus on innovation, consistency and process efficiency in the way work gets done. Have a manger of process improvement
  • The firm maps the life cycle of clients at all phases to better define the ongoing relationship and ensure that service expands based on the client’s needs.

4. Ask for feedback:

  • LP believes that transparency is essential to trust.
  • Feedback is essential. It is asked at a transactional, project and end of matter level by both relationship attorneys as well as impartial third parties.
  • Annual business plans and 360° reviews are accessible by everyone at the firm.

LP is an inspiring example of a firm already responding to clients demanding greater responsiveness and transparency from institutions as found and reported by Law2023. They embrace a triple bottom line and have built and implemented the tools and systems to ensure that not only do they have the client as the center of their existence, but that their clients can trust and depend on them in the long term.

If you want to further understand what LP does and how they do it, they are more than willing to share. Reach out; contact them. They are that dedicated toward moving the industry forward and creating Great Law. That’s generosity and forward progress at it’s finest.