Investing in Future Generations

In our pursuit of creating Great Law, managing generational differences and investing passionately in future generations is easier said than done. The Millennial Generation – those born roughly between 1980 and 2000 – will have approximately 75,000,000 new entrants to the work place that are alien to the generations that precede them.

What makes Millennials unique is also what makes them “challenging”. Their confidence, connectedness, belief in work/life balance, inclusiveness, positivity, multi-tasking, shortsightedness, civic-mindedness are all attributes that are going to help firms evolve and develop capacities they never needed before. However, in order to manage these generational differences and create an effective and high performing culture, you need to understand how to motivate this generation:

Platinum Rule:

  • Do unto others as they want done unto them
  • Meet people where they are
  • Seek to understand…not just be understood
  • Stop “shoulding” all over the place

Create strengths based conditions:

  • Maximize their strengths
  • Ignore (when you can) their weaknesses

Setting up for success:

  • Remove obstacles
  • Paint a clear picture of success
  • Catch them doing it right (at least as often as when they are doing it wrong)
  • Communicate priorities, relevance and consequences

Set a high bar:

  • Hire for character values
  • Communicate expectations for excellence
  • Weed out bad apples
  • Lean in to conflict
  • Make it personal

Creating Great Law requires a conscious choice to cultivate a high performance culture and to do so, we need to motivate and meet Millennials where they are.