Love Your Lawyer Day

We have made the statement before that Lawyers are a great blessing to the world. We mean it. Consider the most important ideas, movements or events that figured in to our nation’s history – The Gettysburg Address, The Bill of Rights, Brown v. Board of Education, all possible because of lawyers. The role of a lawyer is to solve specific, individualized problems and to advance the interests of others. At its core the legal profession is other centric. So why then, when attorneys do so much good for others, do they continue to get such a bad name?

We revel the fact that lawyers are finally being recognized on Friday with the official “Love Your Lawyer Day”. We celebrate all the lawyers we know and the great work they do in the world. We are proud to be part of a profession that contributes so much – whether it be directly through pro bono work or representing clients who need access to our justice system – or by enabling the work of people and institutions that do great things to advance our society. After all, whether it’s business, government, education, or charitable initiatives, none of that would happen without lawyers being part of it to make it all happen.

With more than a million lawyers in the US, there’s plenty of fodder for more lawyer jokes. However, we think instead of being the butts of jokes, a million lawyers mean a million points of potential change for good in the world.


We are proud to help transform the way lawyers view themselves in the world and the way the world views lawyers. We HEART lawyers!