The Idea

An Invitation To Change The Industry

Generation Generosity emerges from the belief that lawyers need a new way to experience themselves and the world needs a new way to experience lawyers.

What business is started without legal counsel? Nonprofits also require their skills. Even the estates of the elderly can be well protected by dedicated individuals with legal acumen. Yet, the stereotype for the industry is the soulless lawyer whose mind is set on money . . . and little else.

The world is shifting, and lawyers are too. With more and more businesses focusing on their “triple bottom lines,” they understand that it is possible to create organizations where customers want to buy, talented employees want to build a career, and leaders want to serve a greater purpose. Lawyers are no exception to this evolution.

So, it’s time for the jokes to stop. Lawyers aren’t just punch lines. They can create a new way of working and thinking that generates a triple bottom line to not only grow revenue—but relationships and resources also.


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