With a heartfelt desire to help attorneys debunk negative stereotypes, Chicago‐based Akina Corporation (www.akina.biz) is pioneering a new conversation that encourages philanthropy and generosity within the legal industry.

For more than a decade, Akina has helped lawyers and corporations build strategic and lasting relationships that transform their businesses. Generation Generosity began as Akina’s 10th anniversary campaign to empower attorneys to understand the incredible impact of simple acts of generosity.

Akina is committed to impacting the way lawyers experience themselves and, in turn, the way the world experiences lawyers. By understanding and discussing larger truths and common misconceptions, Akina believes that attorneys can build bridges with the world around them rather than reinforcing negative perceptions.

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deb“We hope Generation Generosity inspires attorneys and the clients they serve to understand that it often takes just one act of kindness to make a major impact.”

—Deb Knupp, Partner, Akina Corporation


alycia“We believe that lawyers are central to the history of society and social good, yet sadly that is not the public’s perception. We are inviting the legal community to rethink what it means to be a lawyer and what is possible when we pursue making law firms a place where the public turns for service, where employees want to work, and where leaders aspire to serve a bigger calling in their communities and families.”

—Alycia Sutor, Partner, Akina Corporation


tracy“Generation Generosity is kindness with an aptitude for social change. Nothing important in the world today is done without the support of a lawyer. Through this conversation, we want lawyers to ask themselves, ‘What does it mean to be a lawyer?’ and ‘Why does it matter?’ and then make proactive steps toward the public through generous acts.”

—Tracy LaLonde, Partner, Akina Corporation