Generation Generosity – Change the Game by Changing Your Mind

Self-interest is so last decade.

When you consider the economic meltdown and the crisis of ethical consciousness in the first ten years of this millennium, you only need to a peek under the covers a little to see that the root cause of much of what we are weathering is rooted in greed and selfishness. Like any self-fulfilling prophecy, greed begets more greed. Self-interest breeds self-indulgence, and the values of compassion, care and service are supplanted by an insatiable quest for “more, more, more” and “me, me, me.”

In Jim Collins’ book, How the Mighty Fall, he outlines a 5-stage model of organizational decline where the first three stages are marked by hubris, excess and denial, followed by sheer desperation, grasping for salvation and finally, capitulation to death.

An Amsterdam-based research organization – – wrote a fascinating article (Generation G) in February 2009 that spoke about the cultural shift required to stem the tide of decline and re-engage the human spirit in being humane.

Several marketing strategists and thought leaders point to goodness and happiness and why generosity is the future of marketing strategy.

What does this mean for the legal industry and legal marketing? What role could lawyers play in leading a revolution? How could the practice of law be transformed by generosity, have breakthrough growth with clients and employees and ultimately make more money?

Is it possible that if law firms could take care of the first element, the rest would take care of itself?